And that's where the Home For All project started. Children are playful, creative, brave, and vulnerable at the same time. They see things from a different perspective than we do. Not only because they’re younger, or have less life experience. No, because they are not afraid to dream, they are honest, direct and open minded. Even though talking can be difficult, there are always other ways to communicate with each other. Therefore, art is the way to let those children speak. 


Home For All believes everybody deserves a safe and warm place where they live with their loved ones. Therefore, Home For All sets this project in motion by sharing and spreading the posters which can be seen both online and offline. Speak up and show the world that we care for the children who have not been heard (yet). Together we can make a difference and create a world without borders!

During a workshop with Changing Stories in refugee camp Moria, something special happened.The children were participating in a theatre workshop where they could draw. They were asked to draw something that had to do with festivity. One of the people who led this workshop spotted something: instead of drawing balloons, cake and costumes, the children drew mainly houses. These drawings made the message of the children very clear.


 A safe place, a house, a 'Home For All' is needed. Everybody deserves to have one, no matter where you are from.